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The Administrator

A problem that a few of my fellow web masters told me about is the lack of ease when uploading multiple files. Some of my web masters are trying to upload 500 MB of MP3's and with the web page you can only do that one file at a time. The solution create a way to upload multiple files to the database and directory structure at the same time.

The Administrator does the following:

  • Adds all of the entries in the specified directory and one level below to the database.

  • Reads the ID3 tag and uses the Artist, Track, and Album values to both add to the database and move to the final destination.

  • Stand alone Visual Basic application, can be run from any Windows 95/98/NT machine.

  • Displays real time log while processing.

  • Displays error message with all MP3s that had no ID3 tag.

  • See the screen shots of the latest beta.

Current Issues:

  • Only reads Artist, Track, and Album from ID3. Need to create the function to also pull the Genre.

  • Can only add to the database and move to the final destination from the data in the ID3 tag. Will now detect missing ID3 tag, skip the file if no ID3 tag is present, and display the full file name in a message box after all directories are processed.

  • If you see any other issues please let me know


This page last updated February 22, 2009 11:42 AM

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